**KUMARL will make  3rd Picture Race between  all SecondarySchools to see Kırıkkale in 2012,  to see poster click here, to see race requirements, click here

**KUMARL will make  3rd Photographs Race to see poster click here, to see race requirements,click here

To see 3rd Picture Race and Photograps Race Results  click here


***KUMARL made  Panel  , about Antibiyotics Usage ,  namely by "Are  Antibiyotcs  care or Care is antibiyotics?".on 17 th November 2011,in Kırıkkale University.

*KUMARL make Conferans  about" Mushroom Devolopment" on 5 th December 2011, in Kırıkkale University.For more information, click here.

*KUMARL made  1. Symposium about Antibiyotics Awareness ,  "on 20 th November 2012, in Kırıkkale University.You find evaluations for Symposium click here .

*KUMARL will make  Race of Logo You find more information about Race, click here.


yeniiOn 24 April 2013,10:00 a.m.in  Faculty of Art&Science,in Yahya Kemal Saloon
 Director of KUMARL   Ass.Prof. Perihan Güler  will make Conference about  "Mushroom Poisoning". To see more information ,
click here.

yeniiOn 2 May  2013, :13:00p.m. in Center Library,Art Callery,
"Exhibition  will be made with  KUMARL  "
Botanical M.S.B. Mushroom Photography Exhibition Nature`.To see more information , you can visit  www.kku.edu.tr